Olawale, Rotimi Opeyemi

Olawale Rotimi.png

Olawale, Rotimi Opeyemi is a development and agribusiness consultant to many organizations, government bodies in Nigeria, international NGOs, multilateral institutions and public figures. Olawale consulted for Making Finance Work for Africa- a multilateral institution hosted at the African Development Bank in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Following his passion for social and economic development through agribusiness in Nigeria and Africa, Olawale has founded and co-founded impactful initiatives in Nigeria and Africa with the following goals: ensuring food security in Africa, ending hunger in Africa, and creating sustainable employment opportunities. Olawale is a co-founder of Cedar Farmers’ Cooperative SocietyThe initiative offers credit facility to subsistent farmers in rural areas of Nigeria. With 90 percent of farm produce in Nigeria been produced by subsistent farmers, the Cooperative aims at increasing productivity of subsistent farmers, thereby ensuring food security and ending hunger in Nigeria. Currently, there are 93 farmers on the scheme within Nigeria. However, the scheme is been extended to cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast and food crop farmers in Eastern Rwanda.