John Deng Diar Diing is the Deputy Director, Infrastructure Development & Management of the Northern Corridor Transit & Transport Coordination Authority Secretariat. The Northern Corridor is a multimodal trade route linking Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda and South Sudan with the Kenyan maritime sea port of Mombasa. His work involves implementing the Regional Transport Facilitation Instruments along the Northern Corridor; notably Axle Load Limits, Gross Weights and Vehicle Dimensions.  He also harmonizes Infrastructure Technical Standards and Specifications along the Northern Corridor and serves as a resource to individuals, groups and stakeholders on programme activity matters relating to Infrastructure Development and Management. Deng is also Director of Projects for South Sudan Roads Authority. Prior to this, he was Managing Director of Horizon Real Estate Construction Company Ltd. Deng holds a B.Tech in Civil and Structural Engineering from University of Nairobi, an MSC in Management of Projects from the University of Manchester is currently pursuing a PHD in Project Planning, Design and Implementation at the University of Nairobi.